I'm veronica and I'm too gay to function


When commercials try to be “hip”


like when beyonce said “i woke up this way: flawless” she’s saying that flawless is not dependent on how she looks at a given moment; by dent of being alive, just by being authentic to herself, she’s flawless. 

not “i woke up with this hair laid and makeup did and decked out clothes”. which is how everyone else apparently interpreted it.



joan rivers is a crusty racist old white who has made fun of domestic abuse and who said that the Palestinians deserve to be wiped out. i am not about to feel sorry for her just because satan is calling her home. let her gag 

she’s transphobic, homophobic, racist, made fun of rape victims, and probably a slew of other shit you think i’m batting an eyelash for that bitch